Milk + Honey

Hi there! We're a pair of young moms who have a passion for breastfeeding, jewelry, our kiddos, and serving others.  We joined forces to create the very best breast milk jewelry out there so we can bring you simple and elegant pieces to preserve your breastfeeding journey. 

We started out as young college kids, trying to figure out what to do with life.  We went our separate ways to fulfill our dreams as music teachers and the universe brought us back to the same small town.  We started over, held each other's hands, and babysat each other's kids to build this company and perfect our high-quality, hand-made jewelry process to bring you the gift of preserving your breastfeeding relationship forever.

Maria is a doula, childbirth educator, and owner of Thrive Birth Services of Delmarva. She's got a husband, a big pup, and two little blonde girls who are as crazy and cute as a litter of lab puppies!    

Meghan is the genius behind all of the jewelry design and creation.  Her family includes a special little girl named Charlotte, her husband, and their two dogs.

It's our goal and mission to bring you fantastically simple and gorgeous jewelry that you can keep forever to commemorate your unique journey with feeding your baby.